Magic Realm Parts Shoppe


Welcome to the Magic Realm Parts Shoppe!

Here you can find almost any physical part you need, and links to sites where you can download electronic rules, exciting expansions, and player aids.

As far as I know, this is the only source of
Magic Realm parts existing, and my goal is to make the game playable and available to as many players as possible.

Please read through the FAQs before perusing the parts list, as there is important information there on the condition of the parts, prices, shipping, etc.

Below are links to other great MR sites, as well as an active on-line players community, with many games running all the time.  You don't even have to have a board to play, as there are fully electronic versions of the game available.


Magic Realm Discussion List: The heart of the on-line MR gaming community. Here you will find spirited rules discussions, announcements for on-line games, amusing and adventurous game reports, and the continuous development of MR variants.

theWinternet: Bryan Winter's website with lots of downloadable goodies, including various versions of electronic rules, Cyberboard files, and useful MR software, like a setup program.

Robin Warren's Magic Realm Site: Robin has some good stuff here, including 2nd edition character card scans, an interesting Magic Realm expansion with new tiles, monsters, and characters, and MR-based short stories.

BoardGameGeek Magic Realm Page: Comments from users, game trades, game sessions, Karim's counter redesign and a nicely formatted Magic Realm Parts List if all you need is a handy reference to see if your game is complete.

These should get you started - and you will find links to other great sites at these sites.



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